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Boost your distribution sales with our user friendly Order Management Software

Processing orders over phone call & WhatsApp creates lot of communication, reconciliation & tracking issues. This could seriously derail your distribution growth. Experience a powerful & seamless OMS that will simplify your supply chain process. cloud based, secured & Intuitive design

Top Brands that Trust Us

Kulsum's Kaya Kalp

Sunny Toys


Madhuri Refiners

Tapan Group

God Gift

SE Toys

24 Carats


20-20 Dry Fruits



Key Use-cases

Automated Order to Dispatch Workflow

Streamline your business operations with our platform’s automated workflow, from order placement to dispatch. This ensures a smooth and efficient process, increasing productivity and reducing the room for error.

Flexible Dispatch Options

Cater to your customers’ needs with multiple dispatch options. The platform allows for partial dispatch or over dispatch, carry forward or close partial orders as per customer requirements. Keeps your customers informed with real-time updates on their orders thus enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer Transporter Mapping

The platform allows you to map your customers with their preferred transporters. This feature ensures that deliveries are made as per customers’s preferences, thus enhancing their satisfaction.

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) or Multiple of MOQ

Beat route is all about intelligence & not just a tracking process. Our AI drive Beat planning ensures that visits are planned where its matters most. Effectively plan and track regular customer visits, ensuring no opportunities are missed by assigning territories to field sales representatives and scheduling customer interactions

Offer Discounts on the Spot:

Empower your sales team to offer discounts on the spot. This flexibility can help close deals faster and avoid losing potential sales, thus increasing your revenue.

Custom B2B wholesale order booking

With our custom B2B wholesale Packing size & units, you ensure a quick and accurate order processing. This system tailors to your specific business needs, handling complex orders with ease, providing features like bulk order entries, applying discounts, and specifying MOQs

What our clients say about us

Rupyz clients who have used our services

The Order & Attendance Management System developed by RUPYZ Fintech Pvt Ltd has greatly simplified the operations of my organization. The dedicated team at RUPYZ has consistently delivered exceptional results within a short timeframe. One of the standout aspects of working with the RUPYZ team is their unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. I highly recommend partnering with RUPYZ Fintech for their exemplary services.

Juhi Malodiya

HR Manager,
Nakoda Namkeen Sweets and Snacks

Rupyz has revolutionized our order processing and dispatch system. The user-friendly interface and insightful reports, including the Daily Sales Report, are invaluable for decision-making. It has also helped refine our product database and customer management. As a small business owner, I find its features essential for scaling operations. Having such power at your fingertips is a must in today’s business landscape. It’s a resounding endorsement from me.

Aakash Masand

Sunny Industries

Rupyz has transformed our operations, particularly in tracking our on-ground staff efficiently. The Order Management System (OMS) provides seamless functionality, with instant reports and insightful summaries. The development team’s work is commendable. I would recommend Rupyz to other manufacturing and field staff employing companies without hesitation.

Ram Shubash Garg

Cute Agencies Pvt. Ltd.

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