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Faster | Simple | Cost effective

Bill discounting or Invoice discounting is one of most fast and effective way to unlock the tied cash flow in to quick cash, there by easing the liquidity in the business. Today with the changes in business models and high competition, the working capital gets locked in business for a longer time.. as per one of the reports, the average bill or invoice receivable cycle has increased from around 30 to 45 days to 60 to 75 days and in some cases as high as 90 days. This disturbs the cash low and liquidity in the business.

But not anymore, with Rupyz bill discounting or invoice discounting solutions, you can unlock the tied up Invoices and get the Liquidity with in 24 to 72 hours of rising the invoices. Thus reducing your working capital cycle from around 75 days to just 3 days as max.

  • Sanctions limits of Up to Rs.5 cr. Depending on the transaction volume with the Anchor.
  • Unsecured, no collateral required.
  • Digital and Hassel free.
  • Will not affect your existing banking limits.

No two business are same. While there are no fixed criteria, we have outlined below a few basic qualification criteria:

  • Business has to vintage or operational for at least 3 financial years.
  • Minimum Business Turnover or Revenue receipts of INR 1 Cr.
  • Income Tax return for last 2 assessment years.
  • Set of financials for last 2 years (Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss account, Notes &Schedules and Director’s & Auditor’s Report).
  • GST returns for current financial year
  • KYC for the Company/Firm & Individual Partner/Promoters.
  • Main bank statements for last 6 months.
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